An Elderly-Friendly Communication App, Elder Link 長者優化圖像式簡化通訊軟件, Elder Link

Diploma of Vocational Education( Information Technology)
課程編號: FS113371

Participating students: Kwok Yat Long, Kwok Edgar, Wong Kin Wui, Choi Pak Chung
參與學生: 郭逸朗, 郭溢朗, 黃健滙, 蔡柏聰

The Elder link app is communication software designed for eldery. It’s simple user interface facilitates the user to chat easily. With the latest mobile technology, users can also share their real-time location with others for a better user experience.
The text-to-Speech (TTS) is​ one of the selling points of the project. Users are not required to look at the screen to find others’ replies. The system will automatically read out the word automatically when a message is delivered.

Elder Link APP是專為老年人設計的通訊軟件。它簡單的用戶界面方便用戶聊天。借助最新的移動技術,用戶還可以與他人分享他們的實時位置,以獲得更好的用戶體驗。
文本轉語音 (TTS) 是該項目的賣點之一。用戶無需查看屏幕即可查找其他人的回复。系統將在消息傳遞時自動讀出單詞。