Air Duct Sealing Robot 風管密封機器人

Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (Engineering)
課程編號: FS113850

Participating student: LAU Chi Sum
參與學生: 劉緻琛

Currently, air duct sealing mainly relies on manual work — people have to climb into air ducts to manually seal the ducts. Sometimes, air duct sealing professionals may get trapped inside air ducts, or sometimes they may even fall from height. To enhance the safety of workers, the air duct sealing robot is proposed to perform the task. Strong magnets are installed at the four sides of the robot. With these magnets, robot could stick on the inner-surface of air ducts. Two sets of tracks are installed on sides of the robot, allowing it to move in any direction on the surface inside an air duct. Finally, a nozzle is installed on a 360-degree rotational platform, allowing the remote operator to command the robot to apply sealant. 

目前,風道防漏工程主要依靠工人爬入風道完成防漏工作。有時,工人可能會被困在風道內或從風道中掉落。為了提升工人的安全,風管密封機器人進行風管密封工作。強力磁鐵安裝在機器人的四個側面。機器人可以利用磁力粘在風道內表面。機器人周圍安裝了兩條坦克帶,機器人可以在風管內的表面上向任何方向移動。最後,在 360 度旋轉平台上安裝密封膠嘴,根據操控員指令塗抹密封膠。