3D Animation with original character
3D 原創動畫

Diploma of Vocational Education( Information Technology)
課程編號: FS113371

Participating students: Jiang junrui, Liang Hoi Chun, Wong Hing Ming, Tse Wai Hong
參與學生: 江俊銳, 梁凱進, 黃慶銘, 謝偉航

The topic of our 3D animation video is “Wildfire Prevention”. Our 100% original designed animation will include elements such as original design story, original design characters, original design platforms and original design special effects. The objective of our project is to deliver a message about the danger of wildfire and the importance of preventing it.

我們的動畫 是100%原創的 ,我們的動畫將會包括以下的元素:原創故事,原創角色,原創場景及原創特效, 主題是預防山火 (山火的後果 )