360 Degrees Intelligent Nursing System 全方位智能看護

Diploma of Vocational Education( Information Technology)
課程編號: FS113371

Participating students: Kwok Hau Ling, Iu Lap, Tang Ngo Kiu Susanna, Leung Tsz Kin, Ho Man Hoi, Wong Po Yu
參與學生: 郭巧玲,姚立,鄧滶喬,梁子健,何文海,黃寶如

Elderly people living alone are prone to falls, in order to reduce the chances of being rescued later. We designed a robot with an AWS Deeplens camera to monitor the situation of the elderly in the house. Ask if the elder needs help after a fall. In addition, there is a smart pill box and body monitoring function, and the pill box will remind the elderly to take medicine. The body monitoring function can help record the body temperature of the elderly. It is convenient for family members to monitor the physical condition of the elderly. In addition, the robot will have a screen to provide video contact with family members. We hope that this solution can comprehensively cater for the needs of the elderly.